Furniture layout and selection

“I design each individual room in a client’s home to stand out and be memorable.  Having fresh ideas and staying up with design trends is very important in this industry.”

Paint, Wallpaper and Trim Design

“Color, texture and architectural details can change the appearance of any room…”

Area rug, Carpet, and Flooring selection

“Floors were made to walk on, but who says they can’t be beautiful?”

Window Treatment Design

“Home’s are not only becoming people’s living space, they are becoming pieces of art.”

Accessorizing and Art

“If you would like me to shop with you or just go out and select the perfect accessories, no problem!  Minneapolis has wonderful art galleries and the perfect pieces will be selected for you.”

Selections for new construction

“I will work closely with you to make sure every surface in your new home flows.”

These selections can include:

  • Interior structural layout
  • Hand selecting natural stones and all surfaces
  • Built-in design
  • Cabinetry and kitchen design
  • Space planning
  • Wall treatment design
  • Lighting selection